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Table lamp Liberty bronze casting with method of lost wax

Table lamp Liberty bronze casting with method of lost wax.  Salvadori Arte Italian art foundry Bronze sculpture table lamp with sh...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Make someone feel special with a custom handmade jewelry gift

Custom Handmade Jewelry as Unique Gift for Someone Special

Did you know that a better way to make someone feel special is to give gifts custom handmade jewelry. Why is custom handmade jewelry the way to go? What makes these gifts so endearing to the receiver? Think about it. How would you feel with a beautiful piece of art that is unique and rare? So unique are custom handmade jewelry items that there may only exist a few similar pieces or it could even be one of a kind. Wouldn't that make you feel special?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to use and care an italian Dinnerware, Serveware and Kitchenware

If you want to use your automatic dishwasher, we recommend using a fine china cycle, low heat and a good quality detergent. And it is better to place the plates or ceramic accessories far apart to avoid touching each other during the dishwashing cycle.

You can put our items in the microwave or conventional oven but we discourage it. In principle majolica can stand high temperature. However the risk of cracking or chipping your piece when very hot and unevenly covered with food is real.

Handmade Gifts Ideas for Any Event

When you gift something handmade, you are saying that you care. It gives a loud and clear message that the recipient is important to you and that you put thought and love into the giving of the gift, instead of simply rushing through the motions. You know the drill. Your friend’s birthday is next week, Mothers’ Day is coming up or Christmas is suddenly once again around the corner. Gift buying panic soon sets in as you ponder the perfect present.